cf Marjorie Kaufman hedge fund biography

cf Marjorie Kaufman hedge fund biography

cf Marjorie Kaufman hedge fund biography

cf Marjorie Kaufman hedge fund biography

cf Marjorie Kaufman hedge fund biography

​cf Marjorie Kaufman hedge fund biography



Marjorie Kaufman’s photography is inspired by the sense of wonder she finds in motion and stillness. From poetic movement in dancers and wild horses, to solemn landscapes and the intimacy of portraits, Kaufman’s images command the viewer’s attention through a dialogue of pattern and shape.

Adapting a soft palette in her color pieces, she challenges the viewer’s perspective through her differentiated approach to traditional subject matter, presenting a ballerina executing an athletic sauté jump as an ethereal floating object above a calm seascape, or wild horses crashing through a salt marsh seemingly on the verge of trampling the viewer.  

Kaufman employs a black and white template in her landscape photography to present bold images that seem to exist in their own dynamic time and space, while in her portraiture work, she frames individuals in the shadows and natural elements of their surrounding environment.

Several of Kaufman’s images have received professional recognition. Her photograph “The Gardien in Repose” won the Director’s Award in 2022 by Photoplace Gallery, and her image “The Blue Room (Wondering)” was honored in a 2020 exhibition by the NY Center for Photographic Arts.  Her images of dancers in Cuba have been published in Le Courrier and The Tico Times. Kaufman has also published three collections of her images: “Iceland in August,” “White Sands,” and “(Un)Natural Elements by the Sound.”

Kaufman holds degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. She began formally studying photography at the International Center of Photography in 2010 following a successful career in finance. She continues to refine her technique in workshops with master photographers such as Keith Carter, Sam Abell, Arthur Meyerson and Tony Bonanno.  A New York native, she now divides her time between Bonita Springs, Florida and Greenwich, Connecticut.Marjorie Kaufman
took up photography in 2011 while on sabbatical from her career in finance. 
Building on classes at ICP,  Marjorie has participated in master workshops with Keith Carter, Sam Abell,  Tony Bonanno and Arthur Meyerson, capturing portraits of San Miguel de Allende, dunes in New Mexico, dancers in Cuba, birds in the Galapagos, glaciers in Iceland and environmental pollution on the Long Island Sound. In addition to photography, Marjorie is a member of the Naples Philharmonic Chorus and performs at the Artis Center in Naples. She currently resides in Bonita Springs, FL.  

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"The Gardien in Repose"

 June 2022  Camargue, France

Director's Award, Photoplace Gallery

September 2022

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Marjorie Kaufman 


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