3. Older Feldman sister with husband and two sons , date unknown.

Reverse of Image 2

2. Feldman sisters? 1926 Smorgon 

Reverse of Image 7 

8. Sister? 

7. Sister? Smorgon 1928 

Jewish Life in Smorgon 1920s

Feldman Relatives in Israel


1. Mollie Feldman age 14  (middle) and sisters 1925 Smorgon

Reverse of Image 9. Yiddish. "Dear ......Margalit (Mollie) Smorgon 1927. Shana m'touka (sweet new year)"

Mollie Feldman (middle) and sisters

9. Brother? Smorgon 1927 

Reverse of Image 5 . Yiddish.

Mollie Feldman's Family

Smorgon, Belarus

Tel Aviv, 1929

4. Possibly Mollie Feldman's mother

6. Sister. Undated.

Marjorie Kaufman 


5. Sister, 1927 

Letter to Mollie from her best friend, 1928 

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